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  1. Katie S. Avatar
    Katie S.

    What was the planned destination for the Rocky Mountain National Park day? Was it a hike? Which hike? What is everyone thinking for this adventure?

    1. Brian S. Avatar
      Brian S.

      I don’t know if there is a plan yet. We could do one of the hikes in the bear lake corridor. I’m open to a longer hike, but with a large group we might want to do a shorter hike. Or we could split into multiple groups for the hike.

      Dream lake, emerald lake, and lake haiyaha are a good medium hike.

      Bear lake and Alberta falls are good short hikes.

      Sky pond is beautiful, but it’s a longer hike. And I’ve always wanted to do Mill’s lake & Black lake (also long).

  2. Celeste Avatar

    Wow, we have a website! hurray!

    1. Brian Avatar

      yay! 🥳

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